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submission is now open

This is an open call to all artists local and nationwide. Project No Labels first bi-annual art show.


Submission deadline October 5th, 2016


Please submit all low resolution pictures of each fully completed art piece to


Submissions must be fully original works of art and must be completed upon submission.


Submission may be 2-D or 3D or any medium.


No more than four submissions per artist.


Any artist selected for admission to the Project No Labels art show will receive one artist’s pass and an additional ticket per art piece selected from submissions.


All art works submitted must be for sale. Artist to set sale price of each individual piece.


Project No Labels will be acting as the art curator and be handling the sale of all pieces purchased at the show.


The spilt will be 40/60% in favor of the artist.


Please note that Project No Labels assumes no responsibility for the art work throughout their possession of it, including during the art show, all artists are responsible for the safety of their submissions, Project No Labels assumes no responsibility of the safety of the pieces. If the art is shipped it is the artist’s responsibility to ensure its safe arrival.


Art drop off dates and times for accepted works are October 20th  2016 from 1pm – 3pm and October 21st 6pm-8pm need to mention a location here.


All unsold art must be picked up from 11am-3pm October 23rd 2016, or immediately following the show. All art must be checked out by a curator. All unclaimed pieces of art will be considered a donation to be used at the next show

As the show takes place during the month of October, we are asking that submissions go along the theme of Halloween, although all submissions will be considered, Themed submissions are most likely to be chosen to be showcased

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